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the bugcast 501 – Moo’s Choons

This week on The Bugcast: in our second celebratory special, Caroline hosts her selection of favourite tracks from the past year, featuring 16 brilliant tracks of Creative Commons music from Mercury & The Architects, Barefoot McCoy, Wordsmith, Omonoko , Rasmus Söderberg, Ground & Leaves, The Rabbitts, Familia Reggae, Zinegoline, Lenny Wiles Lionstar, The Hedgerow Folk, Always the Alibi, Caroline, BETP5, and Seth Power.

the bugcast 490 – Trump-Muppet!

This week on The Bugcast: Dave and Caroline are back after a week off, so we talk about The Orange One™, and play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Lenny Wiles Lionstar, Fallen Child, Townhouse Woods, Stefan Kartenberg, ccMixter, Fader Hill, Becays, and Aviator Shades.

the bugcast 485 – We got the Sheriff

This week on The Bugcast: A wanderer returns, a posthumous number one album, and 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from The Spin Wires, The DŁX, Lenny Wiles Lionstar, Sweet Play, Wordsmith, Manhat10, Dean Deanore, and Modern Pitch.