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the bugcast 355 – Farting on Lego

This week on The Bugcast: The girls invade the show, so everything goes to pot, but we still play our usual mix of 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Flayst, Night Noise Team, The First Class, T C Folkpunk, Chris Sand, David Krystal, Emily Richards, and Aviator Shades.

the bugcast 216 – Pre-Podcrawl Pigeon Poop Show

In this week’s episode, we are lonely without our live chatroom, and – amongst other things – we talk about pigeon poo. No, don’t ask. We make up for it though, by playing 8 great pieces of music by Bree Rose, March, Teresa, Christopher Squier, Night Noise Team, Johnny Broadway, Slim and Ella Blooma.