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#565 – Like a boss

This week on The Bugcast: a huge milestone, a long walk, a great film, two hot messes, and some awesome Creative Commons music from Humus Jam, Avi Rosenfeld, Klassik Frescobar, Semme Automatic, Margot, Roger Subirana Mata, The Mave, from Michael Ellis.

the bugcast 502 – Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: in our third celebratory special, Dave hosts his selection of favourite tracks from the past year, featuring 16 brilliant tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Aphemia, Pixelplants, Semme Automatic, RogerThat, Scream Inc., Forget The Whale, The Grus, Axel Antunes, Declaration, Nick Celino, The Glass Child, DreamsAboutVictory, and The DŁX.

the bugcast 479 – Loser X

This week on The Bugcast: another UK terror incident and political nose-poking, and 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Radio Insecto, Ralph Castelli, Pablo Samonta, Tracing Arcs, Mazelo Nostra, Semme Automatic, Wolf, and texasradiofish.

the bugcast 457 – Silly burgers

This week on The Bugcast: burger-based joyriding, train-based toilet humour, plus 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from The Riders, Plastic Light Factory, Semme Automatic, The Grus, Dofhei Project, Thrive, Ridgway, and Rusty Tea Makers.