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Feb 24 2018

the bugcast 502 – Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: in our third celebratory special, Dave hosts his selection of favourite tracks from the past year, featuring 16 brilliant tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Aphemia, Pixelplants, Semme Automatic, RogerThat, Scream Inc., Forget The Whale, The Grus, Axel Antunes, Declaration, Nick Celino, The Glass Child, DreamsAboutVictory, and The DŁX.

May 13 2017

the bugcast 461 – National Hacked Service

This week on The Bugcast: disAssociation, Children, health hacks, and Eurovision, plus 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from Cockroaches, Pixelplants, Stonyroad, Jemma, Gypsy, The Glass Child, The Vow, and StoneNipples.

Apr 29 2017

the bugcast 459 – Roger that, 10-4

This week on The Bugcast: less chat and more tunes, with 8 amazing tracks of independent and Creative Commons music from RogerThat, Rawboss, Dayung, Pixelplants, Singleton, George Dylan, Nick Celino, and Aphemia.

Apr 01 2017

the bugcast 455 – EU in the toilet

This week on The Bugcast: crap deliveries, crap politics, crap fatalities, and 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons music from The New Valleys, Roller Genoa, Barefoot McCoy, Pixelplants, Libertalia!, The Honey Sea, Noah York, and Avi Rosenfeld.