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Tag: ColdWaterEffect

the bugcast 451 – Dave’s Faves

This week on The Bugcast: Dave presents his favourite picks from the last year, with 16 tracks of Creative Commons music and independent music from The Artisans Beats, LukHash, The Madpix Project, Heartskin, Terrible Terrible, Futurelight, Quest Poetics, Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev, ColdWaterEffect, The Society, Vollrauschbeatz, Myke Reece Jones, Modona, AJC & The Envelope Pushers, Seastock, and Mickey Blue.

the bugcast 403 – and it’s goodnight from him

This week on The Bugcast: more from the rollcall of the recently departed, and our usual amazing mix of 8 amazing Creative Commons and independent tracks from Sianoa, Mercury & The Architects, Cory Feigen, Sugarlab, Train Room, Jespa, Sean Brookes, and ColdWaterEffect.