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the bugcast 504 – Tracks of the Years

This week on The Bugcast: in our final celebratory special, and the first show of their second decade, Caroline and Dave run through their Tracks of the Year from the last 10 years, featuring a bumper 22 tracks of amazing Creative Commons and independent music from Chris Jurgensen, Matthew Ebel, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Robert Lund, Buddhuza, James Corachea, Antarhes, Belladonna (feat. Michael Nyman), melodysheep, ProleteR, Two Spot Gobi, General Union, Kid At Heart, A Is For Atom, SugarLab, The Green Duck, madelyniris, Mickey Blue, Mercury & The Architects, Aphemia, and Mark Marshall.

the bugcast 360 – Full circle, Lucille

This week on The Bugcast: we go Full Circle with a trip back to 2008 and play tracks from the first 10 episodes, plus we pay tribute to the legendary BB King. Music from: Elvin Bishop and BB King, Giles, Filtered Soul, The Eisenhowers, David Steele, The Loosehounds, sixpeopleaway, Jerzy Jung, 46bliss, Chris Jurgensen, and bill.