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the bugcast 432 – Where’s the kaboom?

This week on The Bugcast: cheating, celebrating, remembering, parodying, plus 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Stolen Wheels, Fresh Body Shop, Zamza, Karma Nights, HonH, Jay Elle, Boogie Belgique, and Monotalk.

the bugcast 431 – Great White Cockburn

This week on The Bugcast: shocked sharks, fussy eaters, new toys, and a new band, plus 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Kat Pace, Fresh Body Shop, A Cup Of Bossas, Portrayal, Jeffrey Philip Nelson, The Man In Washington, Monotalk, and Allie Farris.

the bugcast 416 – Connection lost

This week on The Bugcast: Yannick sits in for Dave and Caroline, with a notable absence, with a cracking mix of 8 amazing tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Explosive Ear Candy, Sam Brown, Neon Niteclub, Salim Chakroun, Honey Ryder, Rusty Tea Makers, Tarra Layne, and Fresh Body Shop.

the bugcast 390 – Lemme entertain you

This week on The Bugcast: we lament the loss of more legends, look through Santa’s delivery to the Towers, and play our usual mix of 8 fantastic independent and Creative Commons tracks from Les Dud, The Romantic Era, Michael Ellis, Fresh Body Shop, Rude, Kristen Barkuloo, Tyler Adam, and Christian Kane.

the bugcast 322 – Timeshift

This week on The Bugcast: We cover some of the more difficult news stories of the week, and we play 8 cracking tracks of Creative Commons music from Rock in Peace, NevadaRnd, The Easton Ellises, Kate Orange, Fresh Body Shop, Figures In Motion, The Bankrobbers and Ben K Adams.

the bugcast 308 – What did the Fox pay?

This week on The Bugcast: Learning online, employment offline, and 8 awesome tracks of Creative Commons and independent music from Real Illusion, In Isolation, Anne Davis, Soma, Deer Ear, Fresh Body Shop, The Black Atlantic and Amy Lynn and the Gunshow.

the bugcast 287 – The writing’s on the wall

This week on The Bugcast, more writing, more awards, fewer awards, and our usual cracking mix of independent music from Fresh Body Shop, Reinhard Mulke,Goo Goo Cluster, Steve Anthony, DJ Rostej, Silvergate, Yasi and Drawn From The Past.

the bugcast 264 – Restoring the Community faith

This week, discuss the demise (and rise) of community spirit, and play 8 great (and in one case, epic) pieces of music from Chip Ray, Going Commando, Roncolino Maraja, Ambiguous Dreams, Degrees, Floppy Dee, Fresh Body Shop and The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom of Goats.

the bugcast 257 – Weighting on Alex

This is essentially a short, mostly-music, show this week, as little baby Alex manages to crash our schedule once more. So, it’s very little chat and 8 incredibly eclecticly-mixed tunes Lena Felica, In Isolation, Drey, Spark & Echo, St. David, Fresh Body Shop, The Meaning Under and Amatorski.

the bugcast 253 – It’s our 5th birthday!!!

This week, as we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we have a silly quiz with our live listeners, and we play 8 great pieces of music from Circa Vitae, Fresh Body Shop, Spheriot, Stormy Mondays, Miss Daisy Black, Soundstatues, Old Remedy and Public Service Broadcasting.